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Study programmes



The mission of the Trnava University (hereinafter only referred to as "TU") is to provide quality university education in all three levels of study through accredited study programmes, the quality parameters of which met the criteria of the internal quality system of TU in relation to the standards and criteria determined by the domestic accreditation authority as well as standards related to the University's presence in the European Education Area. The education provided at the TU is based on value principles and current trends. The same is scientifically based, reflecting the needs of employers, guaranteeing a high proportion of graduates finding jobs on the labour market. The same leads to adherence to the principles of academic and professional ethics.   

Students are in the spotlight at the TU, not only in the professional level, but also in the personal level. Therefore, the activity of the University focuses not only on education and science, but also on human education, linking their own scientific research with the education of students, mutual feeling of community, allegiance to the university as well as co-responsibility and partnership of all groups of members thereof. The primary motivation for students is the knowledge that they study actively, in stable, coherent and logically structured study programmes guaranteed by experts and thus creating the best opportunities to obtain quality education and to find jobs on the domestic and foreign labour markets. In the framework of process of education, the University respect the diversity of students and their needs, with particular focus on students with specific needs. The same ensures functional contractual partnerships with employers and institutions which are necessary to link education and practice and to provide practical training for the professions concerned. Students are offered counselling and other support services in order to meet their diverse needs and be a prerequisite for making progress in studies.

The principles of quality assurance of study programmes of the Trnava University are based on the principles of the quality assurance system of the Trnava University embodied  in the internal regulation governing the internal system of the Trnava University. The very principles of quality assurance of study programmes are detailed in Article 3 of the Internal Regulation Rules for Creating, Modifying, Approving and Evaluating the Quality of Study Programmes of the Trnava University. The study programmes are elaborated in accordance with the mission and strategic objectives of the Trnava University determined in the Long-Term Intention  of the Trnava University and in the Development Concept of the Trnava University. Students, employers and other stakeholders are involved in the preparation of a draft study programme, in approval as well as in the ongoing monitoring and evaluation thereof,

An important role in the whole process is played by the Board of Internal Quality Assessment of University Education of the Trnava University, a permanent academic body of the Trnava University, which is an independent structure within the internal system of the Trnava University with competences and responsibilities established by the Statute of the Board for Internal Quality Assessment of University Education of the Trnava University. The Internal Quality Assessment Board of the Trnava University apply the principles of independence, impartiality, objectivity, expertise, transparency, fairness of assessment and approval in the activities and relations thereof with other bodies of the Trnava University.

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