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Internal system

A. Summary Description of the Internal System



B. Online publication on the Internal System





The internal system of the University is an integrated set of policies, structures and processes regulated by a set of rules regulating activities thereof through which the University ensure and develop the quality of fulfilling mission thereof in the areas of university education, creative activities and other related activities. (Art. 7, Section 1 of the Internal Regulation Internal Quality Assurance System of Trnava University).  


Figure 1 Integration of a set of policies, structures and processes within the internal quality system of Trnava University

The internal system of the Trnava University  (hereinafter referred to as "TU") is at the national level based on general statutes of the Slovak Republic,  in particular Act No. 269/2018 Coll. on Quality Assurance in University Education  Amending the Act No. 343/2015 Coll. on Public Procurement Amending  Certain Acts as amended, Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education Amending Certain Acts as well as on  Education Quality Standards; while at the international level ,the same is based on European standards and the concept of the EFQM model.





TU ensure the quality of university education by provision, creating and implementing the internal quality system as well as by continuous development thereof. The main objective of the internal system is to assume primary responsibility for the quality of the university education provided, to continuously improve the quality of activities and to develop a quality culture at all parts and levels of the university.

The basis of the internal system at Trnava University (TU) is the synergistic functioning of educational activitiescreative activities and other related activities at the university level.


Figure 2 Creation, implementation, continuous improvement and development of the internal quality system of Trnava University




The internal quality system is aimed at fulfilling the mission of the University and strategic objectives thereof as defined in the long-term intention of the University  and for this purpose there are defined policies, structures and processes in place as defined in the main internal regulation entitled the Internal Quality Assurance System of Trnava University.

The Present Internal Regulation regulates own, coherent, functional internal quality system of the University which is established in accordance with the legislation and standards for quality assurance of university education and; the same also regulates the rules:

  • Ensuring the Quality of Education, Creative Activities and Related Activities of the University,
  • Evaluation of the Quality of Education, Creative Activities and Related Activities of the University.

An essential element of the internal quality system of TU in terms of quality assurance is the implementation of standards and criteria through internal system tools, in particular internal regulations.

The basic element of quality evaluation is periodic monitoring and evaluation of the quality of all activities, combining diagnostic self-assessmentexternal feedback and evaluation of relevant data, which are the basis for follow-up decisions on further development and direct support of the activities of the University.

Course-matter of the internal regulation The internal system of university education provision at Trnava University is shown in the following picture:


Figure 3 Course of the internal regulation "Internal system of provision of university education at Trnava University"




Brief graphical description of the model of the internal quality system TU is shown in the following figure:

Brief description of the internal quality system of the Trnava University

Figure 4 Brief description of the internal quality system of Trnava University




The internal quality system includes periodic monitoring and evaluation of the quality of all activities thereof on the basis of indicative indicators for quality assurance and evaluation set out in the internal regulation (available via the intranet TU in slovak language):

Directive of the Rector of Trnava University No. 3/2022 Indicative Indicators of Quality Assurance at the Trnava University,  that Annexes No. 1 through No. 4 from integral parts of:

Annex No. 1 - Key Indicative Quality Indicators (KIQK)
Annex No. 2 - Additional Indicative Quality Indicators (AIQK)
Annex No. 3 - Example of evaluation of KIQK in the field of education
Annex No. 4 - Model of evaluation questionnaire for the evaluation of a course

Regular monitoring and internal evaluation of processes in the field of education, creative activities as well as related activities and quality thereof with the involvement of stakeholders and subsequent adoption of measures result in Trnava University supporting the development of a culture of quality of university education both internally and externally.

During 2021 and 2022 (until 31 August 2022), the process of harmonising the internal system, study programmes and habilitation and inauguration procedures with the Slovak Agency Accreditation Agency for Higher Education accreditation standards was underway at theTrnava University.


On-line publication on Internal system of Trnava University  (english version)




The Internal System
of Trnava University

Adriana Krupová

The publication is an output from the project "Innovation of the internal system of ensuring the quality of higher education of the University of Trnava in Trnava by developing personnel capacities, revising the internal regulations and acts of the university and system education in the form of e-learning courses", ITMS code 312010BLB4, implemented within the Operational Program Human Resources with the support of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).