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Quality Indicators

The University's quality assurance and evaluation methods are based on the concepts of comprehensive quality management and the EFQM model.

The University in 2022, in accordance with the concept of the EFQM model and as an essential element of diagnostic self-assessment, which is the basic method of monitoring and evaluating the quality of all activities of the University pursuant to Article 12, Section 9 of the Internal Regulation on The Internal Quality Assurance System of the Trnava University also established a comprehensive set of indicative indicators for the quality assurance and evaluation of the university education provided by TU.

An indicative indicator is a quantitative or qualitative data on the basis of which the University periodically determines the degree of compliance of the implementation of the internal system of the University with the standards for the internal system, or the degree of compliance of the University's activities in the areas of education, creative activities and other related activities with the criteria of the standards for the internal system , The university also thus analyse trends in the development of those indicators.

Indicative quality indicators at Trnava University are

  • Key Indicative Quality Indicators
  • Additional Indicative Quality Indicator

Key Indicative Quality Indicator (hereinafter referred to as 'the KIQI') shall be the main quality indicators that directly meet the specific strategic objectives of the University. The key indicative quality indicators are evidence for the content of the periodic evaluation reports.

Additional quality indicators are the other quality indicators that complement the evidence for the content of the periodic evaluation reports. The set of additional indicators is a data set of quantitative statistical indicators as well as qualitative indicators.

The internal regulation setting out the key and complementary indicative quality indicators and the method of their evaluation is available after logging in on the intranet via the following links:

Rector of the Trnava University Regulation No. 3/2022 Indicative indicators of quality assurance at Trnava University
Annex No. 1 - Key Indicative Quality Indicators (KIQK)
Annex No. 2 - Additional  Indicative Quality Indicators (DIUK)
Annex No. 3 - Example of evaluation of KIQK in the field of education
Annex No. 4 - Model of evaluation questionnaire for the evaluation of the course

Data entry forms for determining the values of key and additional indicative indicators by authorised responsible persons are available in the central data repository of the Internal System