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Rector's Address

Dear reader of these lines,
It is a great pleasure for me to greet you in this way from the University of Trnava.

The seat of our University as well as a majority of its faculties is located in Trnava, our beautiful old royal city. However, in connection with its specifics and long-term mission, a significance of the University seems to be of much wider dimensions, Slovakian and European. Generally, under the expression of university, we see particularly life on its components – faculties and departments, their teachers, staff and students rejuvenating the city. Our warm thanks belong to all of its builders and to the representatives and inhabitants of the city, which accepted the University so graciously. The University has a permanent goal to be active and useful partner to other Slovak and foreign universities and to help build higher education and science in accordance with the current challenges of a society and the State.

I imagine so many people of goodwill, teachers, staff and students but also residents of the city Trnava, members of the Jesuits, Church representatives, all benefactors and supporters creating and forming life of our University for nearly two decades after its restoration, and one hundred forty-two years past in a near history. Their personal contribution in education and training thousands young people, real development of a science, public support of humanity's, defence of Christian European principles, remembrance of human dignity and strengthening of self-confidence of the Slovaks and other peoples of Europe must be perceived with a very deep reverence to the current high value of this precious heritage. I would underline the parallels with the Christian roots of Europe: the dead roots of this kind are certainly rare historical artifacts, but only live human roots nourish the tree of life, whose fruit we may enjoy today and tomorrow. Fruits of the past are not those from the silver screen: every grain of them is saved properly up today. It is our hope, our sense: nothing is lost and nothing will be lost. In addition, we are entitled to hope that once living roots, in fact, do not die more. The University, especially life in its five faculties, is something beautiful in this vision of the world...

Our University perceives fairness, freedom and fair view of education and scientific research as a wide open space of the human mind and will, promoting the freedom of conscience. We have our specific offer in this protected area concerning the quality of education. Science promoted by the real space of freedom of attitudes may be multiplied by the opportunity to develop its principles in the environment of Christian approach to the assessment of reality. In addition to the labour market needs and the training that leads to the job opportunities, we are trying to support broader context of the mission of the University. Our special offer includes effort to create good conditions for the formation of student personality along with his professional, social and scientific formation. Finally, it is necessary to underline the permanent activity of our University in the field of an effective cooperation with foreign universities, institutions and personalities, its effort for greater mobility of teachers and students, meaningful participation in international projects and its steps forward to joint study programs and institutes, in Slovakia as well as abroad.

I wish you all the comfort and peace at work, accompanied by life success and a strong conviction on a human dignity and meaning of our life. I look forward to working on good things!


rector - prof. doc. JUDr. Marek Šmid, PhD.