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How to Log into MAIS System after July 2, 2012?

Before the first log into the system MAIS the following operations have to be executed:

1. Log into User Account Management Portal
    User Name (TUID) – can be found on the website:
    Initialisation Password – birth identification number – a sequence of numbers without a slash

2. Change the portal language setting in line with the instructions in the section Change of Portal Language Settings.

3. Change the password in line with the instructions in the section Password Change.

4. Set up your security questions in line with the instructions in the section Setting of Account Security Questions and Answers.

5. Fill in or update your contact data in line with the instructions in the section Contact Data Update. The contact data is a private e-mail address (do not use e-mail address with domains and and also company telephone contact for employees (filled in with a municipal dialling code without initial 0 – e.g. 335939111).

6.  Log off the portal.

7.  Log into MAIS and Zimbra2 system (applicable only for students, for more information visit Zimbra2 information website). When logging in for the first time, a time delay can appear depending on actual server workload, the next logging in functions immediately. Use TUID as log-in name and the password which you have set up on the user account management portal. In case of problems with logging into MAIS, try to update your password on the portal (probably you did not remember it properly or you are filling it in incorrectly) and also check whether you have filled in all the required data in line with item 5. If you do not execute all steps (we would like to point out particularly to correct filling in of the contact data in line with instructions in the manual), you log in to user portal though not into MAIS system.

If you have any questions or problems concerning this procedure contact us on: idm [at] However, firstly, we would like to recommend you to search for a problem solution in user´s manual which describes every phase of procedure in details and also to watch instructional videos (we strongly recommend you to watch videos: The First Logging in and Contact Data) and frequently asked questions about IDM.

Next logins into the MAIN system are performed in usual way on the MAIS webpage.