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I managed to log into Portal for user’s account administration but I cannot log into MAIS (Zimbra2). How should I proceed?

The following procedure will help you to identify the cause of your problem. Proceed by continuously eliminating options until you find step which matches your situation. If you managed to log into the MAIS  (Zimbra2) system successfully at least once, start already with step No.4.

Important Notification: Perform individual steps carefully and do not write unnecessary requests toidm [at]!!! A request is legitimate only if the situation described in step No.5 or No.8 occurred.

1. Have you changed the initialization password according to the instructions (Change of Password video instructions)?
2. Have you entered the answers to all security questions according to the instructions (Security questions video instructions))?
3. Have you entered all mandatory contact details according to the instructions (Contact information video instructions)?

  • For a student –private email address,
  • For an employee – private email address and work telephone number (only numbers with city code without initial 0 and spaces e.g. 335939111).

4. Do you log into MAIS (Zimbra2) system with your TUID (search TUID) and password changed on the portal for user’s account administration? Verify if the language on your keyboard is set up correctly (frequent mistyping of y and z). Try to write your password in some text editor (e.g. Notepad) and copy it. Be careful not to copy the space at the end of the line.

5. Can you log with your login details into the portal for user’s account administration?  If so, send us your password (idm [at], we will verify your case.

6. If the situation described in Step 5 did not occur, you are entering incorrect password. Use the Password Recovery function. Proceed according to the instructions or Password Recovery video instructions.  

7. Have you forgotten the answer to security question? (the answers must be identical with the entered ones – upper, lower case, diacritics). Follow these instructions.

8. Have you forgotten answers to all questions? Follow these instructions.