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Teacher Card

A teacher who is an employee of Trnava University in Trnava and their workload exceeds 18 hours a week is entitled to hold ITIC, an international teacher card.  The card is issued by a smart card centre administrator (SČK) after recording the applicant´s personal data into the information system SOFIA- human resources (in line with Art. 4 (8) of Rector´s Directive No. 3/2004). The card applicant subsequently arrives at the smart card centre, where a digital photograph of them, which is going to be used on the card, is taken.  The price of card including ITIC licence is 15.00 €. The payment for card is settled by a deduction from the card holder´s salary on the closest salary date after card issuing.

Validity prolongation of ITIC teacher card is executed by an update stamp whose validity lasts 16 months, beginning on September 1 of the current calendar year and terminating on December 31 of the following year. The price of ITIC update stamp is 7.00 € and can be purchased from the smart card centre administrator during office hours. The payment for stamp is settled by a deduction from the card holder´s salary on the closest salary date after update card selling.


ITIC Teacher Card Functionality

  1. identification document in line with Trnava University Rector´s Directive No. 3/2004
  2. smart card of CardPay, a university catering system
  3. access card to Trnava University car park near Rector´s Office and the Faculty of Philosophy
  4. card of the University Library of Trnava University and University Library in Bratislava
  5. discount card for CKM SYTS associations covered by ISIC licence
  6. travel card applicable on buses of SAD Trnava and Dopravný podnik Bratislava
  7. electronic wallet for "NABI karta" functionality of the company FAX Copy a.s.