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Student Card

Trnava University students (mainly the newly admitted ones who do not possess TU card; not applicable for students continuing in masters or PhD study) may apply for one of the following types of a student card:

  1. ISIC Student Card – a card of student studying in a full-time mode of study with ISIC licence
  2. Part-time Student Card – a card of student studying in a part-time mode of study
1. ISIC Student Card                                                               2. Part-time Student Card                                    

ISIC Student Card Functionality

  •     document certifying a study in line with Section 67 of Act No. 131/2002 Coll.   on higher education
  •     credit smart card providing access to CardPay, a university catering system
  •    card of the University Library of Trnava University and University Library in Bratislava
  •     discount card for CKM SYTS associations covered by ISIC licence
  •     travel card applicable on buses of SAD Trnava and Dopravný podnik Bratislava
  •     electronic reduced fare card for railway transport
  •     electronic wallet for "NABI karta" functionality of the company FAX Copy a.s.
  •     discounts in the network of shops of Ticketportal.

Materials for Issuing of Student Card

  1. Application for issuing of TU student card – a form which has to be filled in and signed on both sides
  2. Photograph of 2.5 x 3 cm (width by height) in size – either a paper photograph glued on the Application can be sent or a digital photograph can be sent in line with a manual via website (due to economical reasons, we recommend you to send a digital photo)
  3. Document certifying payment for a card:
  •        Postal receipt of U type when settling the payment by a postal order
  •        Printed document certifying a transaction (a stamp of the bank is not required) when settled by a credit transfer.

The newly admitted students of full-time and part-time mode of study shall send stipulated materials together with other required materials to the study affairs office of the faculty where they are going to study in the upcoming academic year. If a student wants to obtain ISIC student card at study enrolment, he/she is obliged to send the materials no later than by July 25, before the beginning of the respective academic year.  

Student Card Receipt

The students can receive made cards at the study affairs office of their faculty on the day of enrolment or during other days within office hours.  After receipt of the card, every full-time student is obliged to carry out electronic prolongation of the student card on the University Terminal placed in the building of Trnava University Rectorate in line with the stipulated Instructions. Discounts in traffic system EMBASE, on railway transport and also in application "NABI karta" cannot be received without electronic prolongation of the card.

A full-time student who obtains their card at the enrolment and executes update of the card on the University Terminal can travel with a 50% discount of fare within railway and bus transport of the Slovak Republic. Every new card is included into the catering system CardPay and can be used for boarding in a student canteen of Trnava University. At the same time, it serves as an identification card for the University Library. In case of card malfunctioning in the mentioned applications, please contact a smart card centre administrator - preukaz [at], 033/5939 353.

Prices of Student Cards:

    ISIC Student Card - 18,00 €
    Part-time Student Card - 5,00 €

Payment Data:

Address: Trnavská univerzita v Trnave, Hornopotočná 23, 918 43 Trnava

  • Bank: Štátna pokladnica
  • Account (IBAN): SK33 8180 0000 0070 0006 5500
  • Specific symbol: 99050
  • Additional data:  Name and Surname of the future card holder

Please, fill in carefully all payment data in order to secure correct electronic processing of your payment!