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Renewing your password

The portal introductory screen contains the option for renewing your forgotten password by the users themselves without the need for service intervention.

You can only renew password if you entered in the past answers to security questions through this user portal.

1. Into the Internet browser enter the portal address:
2. Click on the link „Renewing your forgotten password“. On the new website a call for entering user name will show:

3. Enter the user name and click on „Search“.
4. If you have entered the correct user name and you have set answers to security questions from before, you will see  a prompt for entering your birth number and answer to one (two) of the three security questions to verify your identity:

5. After entering the  answers click on „Check the answers“.
6. After a successful checking of answers a site will appear enabling the setting of new password. Follow the instructions contained in part Password change.
7. If you do not remember answers to security questions, it is necessary to come to the CIS workplace where you will receive set initial password for a fee.