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Password change

The user can change his current password anytime using the following procedure:

1. Log into the portal.

2. In the main portal menu click on „Password Change “.  The following page will appear:


3. Read carefully the requirements for the new password. Do not use diacritics symbols. If you have problem to come up with password that will meet the requirements, you can use the functions „Automatic generating of the password“ and enter one of the generated options.

4. Enter selected option into the „New password “field. Black bullets points will appear instead of your password while entering the password. If you want to see the entered text, click „View“ button.

5. On the right side you can see quality of the password. It is recommended to enter a password whose quality is evaluated at least as „Good“.

6. Enter your new password one more time into the field „Confirm password”. If you have entered it correctly, green symbol will appear on the right side.

7. Click on the „Change password “button. If this password is not acceptable, it does not meet some of the criteria. The button will be accessible as soon as you enter password that meets all criteria.

8. Then the notification „The password was successfully changed. “will appear.

In case of any problems with password change, write to e-mail idm [at]