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Logging into the portal

1. Enter: into the internet browser.

2. In case of problems with access (with browsers such as Firefox 3.x, IE 7.x), it is necessary to add exception for certificate.  During the first opening of the webpage, the browser will show notification: „Secured connection failed“. Click on the text below „or you can add an exception...“ In the next step chose „Add exception“, „ Get certificate“ and „Confirm security exception“. Leave the option „Save this exception permanently“ activated. After successful loading the portal webpage will appear.

3. Enter your login details (TUID, password):

User’s name (login) is numeric IDentificator of Trnava University (TUID) of a person (student, employee) at the university. Identificator is distinct, that means every person has only one unique TUID combination assigned, and that applies also when the person is a student as well as an employee at the same time. TUID contains 7 numbers, e.g..:


The first two numbers represents the year in which the person was submitted into the IDM system.  (number 11 means year 2011). Other 5 numbers (00241=241) represent serial number created within that particular year. Based on the fact that IDM system was launched for trial operation in November 2011, all persons, that were active employees or students of the university from the launching until 31st December 2011, have TUID starting with number 11.  From the beginning of 2012 the first two numbers represent real year of entering the university. TUID will be present on the students and employees’ IDs that will be issued from 1st August 2012.

It is possible to find your TUID number on the webpage by entering your name, surname and date of birth.

Initialization (temporary) password is the date of birth, the sequence of numbers without slash. The password needs to be entered carefully because after five unsuccessful attempts the access to the portal and all integrated systems will be blocked for 3 minutes. Login can be repeated only after this period.

4. Click on the button „Log in “.

5. After successful login the portal main menu will show and it is possible to perform one of the offered options: