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How to deposit credit into your boarder account in Cardpay via bank transfer

Full-time students using debit accounts in CardPay can it directly debit via bank wire transfer.
Bank transfer details:
  • Beneficiary's account number: 7000270299 / 8180 (State Treasury)
  • Constant symbol: 0308 (money transfer)
  • Specific symbol: 1800
  • Variable symbol:

          - for students: 10-digit student's number in MAIS that is used as the variable symbol for other payments. You can see it after logging into MAIS: My study -> Study funding -> Variable symbols.
          - for people outside TU: 10-digit ID card number.

The payments can be done this way on deposit accounts of all students who have a valid student card integrated in the catering system CardPay. The payment can be done also by their parents. The recommended minimum amount of payment is 10 €.  The payment is credited to the boarding account within 4 working days (two days are reserved for bank transfer, one day is reserved for obtaining a set of electronic payments and one for its import into the CardPay).