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Contact details update

Another advantage of self-service portal is that every user can continuously update all contact details and keep them up-to-date. It is necessary to fill out all mandatory contact details (marked with star) during the first login into the portal. Procedure:

1. Log into the portal

2. Click on the option „Contact details update “in the main portal menu. The following page will open:

3. Enter contact details following the instructions on the screen (at least those that are mandatory – marked with a star).

4. Click on the „Update“ button.

*Private e-mail address – the address with or domain is not allowed in this field, these domains are reserved for university TU email addresses. After launching the new email system every employee will have email inbox with domain and every student with domain. Nevertheless, email address is mandatory

Currently the password recovery system is based only on answers to security questions. However, improvement of this process security is planned in the future.  After identity verification (authorization), an email will be sent to the private email address containing a verification code generated by the system and password may be changed only after its entering.  Work email inbox cannot be used because the email system will be integrated into IDM.  If the user forgets the password, they will also lose access to the university inbox.  If you enter also the mobile phone number, generated verification code can be sent also to your mobile phone in a form of a text message. As a result, we recommend to all users to enter also the number of their mobile phone, this option is much easier and without risk of not delivering the email with the verification code (excess capacity or cancelled inbox, anti-spam filters on the email servers).

Work Telephone Contact is obligatory only for full-time TU employees. Telephone number (landline) shall be listed in full form (area code, number, extension). The data may contain only numbers (without spaces) and shall have at least 8 characters, i.e. it shall be entered with area code without the initial zero, e.g. 335939111. From the data entered into IDM a phone book of work contacts will be made available on the university website. The user who does not enter their phone number will not have it shown in the phone book either. Each employee shall be obliged to fill in this obligatory data and update it regularly.

Entering obligatory contact data is one of the inevitable conditions (except for the change of password and entering answers to security questions) to enable first login into any system integrated into IDM. Entering contact data into the MAIS system from the user interface student and teacher is blocked by the launch of the IDM operation, data will be imported to MAIS from IDM.