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Catering System (CardPay)

Ordering food may be done via website

creating access:

- For full-time students the access is made automatically on the day following the enrolment for studies and it is cancelled on the day following the graduation.

- For university employees with more than 50 % of work load it is provided by the Centre of TU Information Systems as necessary. It is necessary to have the university employee card or ITIC and concluded agreement on deductions from salary for the obtained food.

- For visitors access is created by the Information system centre. It is necessary to have a user card made.

Who to contact:

- Problems with access and unavailability of ordering food via Internet is solved by Centre of TU information systems.

- Economic and financial issues are solved by Operation School canteen.

Additional information:

- Instructions on the CardPay system use (.pdf)

- Adding credit to the boarder account in Cardpay by bank transfer

- Updated information in login data