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Castration of academic self-government on the table

René Bílik (foto Barbora Likavská)

"Possible politicization and impact on money and property. A scarecrow that haunts the representation of Slovak universities. It should hide in the prepared amendment to the university law and the competencies of administration boards," says the new edition of Nahlas podcast at

The Minister of Education and his Secretary of State have stopped being credible partners in the dialogue. We will ask the Prime Minister for help in this situation

"What we have on the table is something like castrated self-government," says Professor René Bílik, Rector of Trnava University, in an interview with Jaroslav Barborák. "Rectors are afraid of politicization of the university environment proposed in law. ... Everything is to be decided in the administration boards, which would entrust both property and financing into the hands of a very narrow group of people, in addition, half of them are political nominees," added R. Bilik.

"Therefore, negotiations with the education minister are no longer satisfactory for the rectors and they have booked their meeting directly with the prime minister. Are universities in danger of politicization?" asks

photo by TRUNI/Barbora Likavská